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Protecting Your Sprinkler Lines from Getting Cut

As cables are being laid in easements around the community, there is always the hazard of your sprinkler lines being cut (in the same way there is a risk of other cables and water lines being cut).

Before cables can be laid in any easement, the new utility company must file an OKIE811 Locate Request which all the other utilities get so they can mark where their utilities are. If we mismark our utilities or fail to mark them, then we cannot fault the cable company when they cut our water lines. But if we mark our lines, the liability then falls upon the company doing the new installation. But more than liability, if our lines are marked, they make major efforts to avoid hitting our lines.

Your sprinkler lines are no different than our water lines in this regard. The only difference is that you aren’t getting the Locate Requests that the utility companies receive.

So, if you see other utilities being marked in an easement that crosses your lawn where you know that you have sprinkler lines, you can mark your lines and they will avoid cutting them.

You can buy the utility marking paint at Home Depot or Lowes.