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Water Rate Increase

In June we mailed a letter explaining the Water Rate Increase we are forced to implement effective July 1, 2022 which will be reflected on the bill you receive August 1, 2022.
If you did not read that letter, we are making it available here, or you can go to the Page Rates & Policies under the Customer Service tab, where the rate increase is explained.

If you receive ONLY electronic bills, those do not show the volume of water you use and we have no control over the format or information on PayClix's website or the emails they send on our behalf. If you do not know the volume of water you are using, you may email us at pecanvalleyrwd@gmail.com and request a copy of an audit of your account which shows all your usage for as far back as 2002 if you've lived here that long. 

Water Rate Increase Letter 6-2022

The new Water Rate will be calculated as follows.

Flat Rate for having a meter:  $33.56/month plus scale for water used

Flat Rate for Irrigation meter: $12/month plus scale for water used


Water Rate Scale PER 1,000 gallons used:

From 0-4,999 is $6.00 PER 1,000 gallons

From 5,000-9,999 is $6.25 PER 1,000 gallons

From 10,000-19,999 is $6.50 PER 1,000 gallons

Above 20,000 gallons is $6.75 PER 1,000 gallons


To clarify how this works, the first 4,999 gallons costs everyone $6.00/1,000 gallons used calculated at $.006/gallon. If you go over 5,000 gallons, the amount used from there to 9,999 gallons will be charged at $6.25/1,000 gallons, etc.. This is illustrated in the table below.

These numbers do not reflect the other costs that the City of Lawton adds on each acct such as Waurika Pumping Fee which we just pass through. So, total bills will be slightly higher than these numbers.